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Wellness is 95% Self Care

The choices you make everyday have a huge impact on how you feel.

Would you like to feel good again?  Manage your stress better?  Learn what to eat?  Learn an exercise program where you can create a new body definition in just 2 hours per week?  

Now Enrolling Students for our New Wellness Curriculum

Making a lifestyle change can be challenging, that's why enrolling in our curriculum gives you the personal support you need.  Have your personal health coach, helping you to achieve your health and wellness goals.  

What Our Clients are Saying

 "My life has improved in so many ways. I didn’t realize how “bad” I felt until I felt “good” again. I can exercise at my fitness center, and it’s not a struggle. I  feel good all day and still have energy when I get home. My sleep is improving along with my health.  I’ve lost 28 pounds in 4 months!  - Elizabeth E.

"I did a wellness program and in 4 months, I lost 37 pounds. I feel so much better and have so much more stamina." - Mike R.

“What I value most is that my overall condition has tremendously improved.  Now, I’m not depressed, I lost 35 lbs. and  I  am now working out.  I am extremely happy with the way the program worked for me.  This program works if you do your part.”  -Pat Q

Meditation Class

Our lives are so stressful, having tools to help manage stress and keep perspective are really important.  Starting a meditation practice is a great way to calm your mind and help find your center.  Meditation class offered.  Contact us for more details.

Don't Just Make Empty Resolutions- ACHIEVE Your Goals in 2018!- Saturday, January 20th

We all make New Year's Resolutions.  It's easy.  The hard part is keeping them.  This year, don't just make empty resolutions, set goals that you can achieve this year.

We all  need purpose and goals, or else we can feel lost and drifting.  In this valuable workshop, learn how to set goals in different areas of your life - personal, career, relationships, family, spiritual, community.. and then create your action steps to help you achieve your goals.  

You will leave with a clear action plan towards reaching the goals you identify for yourself for the coming year and beyond.  

Workshop Saturday, January 20 10-3.  Healthy snacks and drinks provided.  $125.  Class size limited.To register or for more information, email us at info@holistichealth.solutions.


Sounds great.  How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.  Just call or email us to set up a consultation. 

Why do I need a consultation?

It is important to us to know what your goals and what you are trying to achieve by working with us.  The more we know about you, your goals, and perceived obstacles, the better able we are to coach you.

What can I expect at the consultation?  

Prior to the consultation you will fill out some paperwork which will enable us to get to know you better.  We will discuss your situation, your motivations, and your goals, and if we both feel it is a good fit for us to work together, then recommendations on what the next steps would be will be made at that time.  

What is the fee for the consultation?  

The initial consultation fee is $150.  

What if I just want to do a workshop?  

Workshop participants do not need to do a consultation prior to the workshop.  Fees for workshops vary, contact us for more information regarding specific workshops.  

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